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About Transelem Industries

Transelem Industries Inc. began in 1990 in Quebec as a stocking distributor for manufacturers of Electric Heaters, Sensors, Controls, Instrumentation and Accessories items.

Our experience includes installations of heaters, controls, sensors, control panels and instrumentation for the following industries: Plastics, Electronics, Aerospace, Food Processing, Packaging, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Textile, Heat Treating, Water Treatment, Petrochemical and Industrial Process Industries.All our products are from well-known companies and are ISO, CSA or UL approved.

Our Sales staff have received extensive factory training, enabling them to assist you with system application, size, and electrical requirements, and pricing. We can assist you in determining, and delivering within your required time schedule, the quality product that best supports your application. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service and total quality products to our customers. We specialize in solving demanding heat applications problems through customized engineering. 

Our reputation is based on competitive prices and on the excellency of our personalized and fast services.Our knowledge, our experience and our many years of service as well as our participation in several important projects insure our customer's loyalty, which makes our company a leader in our field.

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